4 Steps on How to Unlock 100 percent of Your Brain

Did you just watch the movie Lucy? This is an interesting movie where Scarlett Johansson is abducted and forced to carry a huge volume of drugs in her abdomen. Some chemicals start leaking in her abdomen and soon it creates new connections in Lucy’s nervous system. As a result, Lucy begins to use 90% of her brain. This is definitely an interesting story, where a normal person’s brain becomes more powerful and ready to challenge newer problems. This movie is based on the theory that human beings use only 10% of their brain. And, the rest remains idle most of the time. If this theory is true, how would you unlock the total power of your brain’s system? Keep reading to find answers.

Step #1 Meditation

chakrasFirst things first, you should be prepared to calm your brain. Meditation is a powerful routine that can bring the brain to utmost stillness. This is because mediation releases various hormones like cortisol, norepinephrine and epinephrine into the blood stream. These are simple happy hormones that can keep you relaxed. The moment your mind begins to relax, it will be able to tackle problems and challenges in a different manner. In fact, mediation ensures that more blood flows into the brain. With more blood, your brain will become supple and ready for challenges.

The body’s healthy nervous system gets activated with mediation. This means you will be able to look beyond anxiety and eliminate stress.

Step #2 Exercise

To ensure that the most of your brain is used, you must be physically healthy. There is a strong relationship between physical health and mental capabilities. If you want the neurons in your brain to function properly, more nutrients and oxygen should be delivered to it. Physical exercises can boost the flow of blood into the brain. You must exercise regularly to make your brain extremely sharp and nurtured. Also, workouts can promote the growth of new brain cells.
With a steady workout regime, you are less likely to feel cranky or tired. Your mind will be prepared to focus on things that truly matter. In simpler terms, exercises can be treated as happy pills that the brain requires.

Step #3 Read

If you want all the neurons in your brain to function like an active network – you must read as much as possible. Reading is strongly linked to the lifetime of healthy neurons. This is an activity that can distract the brain and keep it engaged in the productive and empathic skills. Never limit brain activity to “work” or “education”. Instead, the brain needs a broad range of empathic skills to remain functional and active. This is why reading helps in unlocking the total capacity of your brain.

Step #4 Healthy Diet

Last but certainly not the least, you must consume a healthy diet. Your diet should be balanced and loaded with essential nutrients. Serious conditions like diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease will stop you from unlocking the potential of your nervous system. Consume a healthy, balanced diet to stay focused and on track all the time.

Follow these steps and you’ll be well on track to unlocking the full potential of your brain.