Affirmations for Money and Wealth Attraction

Affirmations for money are a quick and easy way to help focus your mind on attracting money and wealth into your life. You can use one or more affirmations to help you to manifest more money and wealth into your life, almost automatically.

Our minds have a habit of wandering whenever possible. Using an affirmation regularly helps to bring us back onto track.

Some Affirmations for Money and Wealth Attraction:

Affirmations for money image

I am wealthy

This may sound basic but often the simplest affirmations are the best ones to use.

Put it on a sticky note next to your monitor or maybe use it as a screensaver on your computer so that it’s showing on screen every time you leave your computer for a short break.

I attract financial abundance

Another simple money and wealth attraction affirmation that you can use.

I find that the shorter affirmations are easier to manifest and repeat to myself on a regular basis.

Putting your affirmations for money into the present tense can be a bit of a leap – even though it works exceptionally well – in which case you may prefer to “future pace” your wealth by putting your affirmations into the future tense. If you decide to do this, just be careful that the future isn’t too far away.

I am becoming wealthier

This affirmation is great because it works in both the present and future tense.

Some affirmations have the problem of your mind fighting them. This one works well because it allows the wealth to be attracted over a period of time. It’s less of a leap for your mind to accept.

I make money easily

Affirmations for wealth imageSome people get on well with this affirmation, others may find it less easy at first.

But if you get in the habit of repeating this on a regular basis, you’ll find that your mind gradually comes round to the idea that money is everywhere and can be attracted to you easily. The more your mind gets the idea that you really can make money easily, the more it will happen!

I love having money

This affirmation for money works well because there’s no conflict involved. Unless you despise money and reject it completely (which is unlikely for most people) then this simple affirmation will work a treat.

Write it out on a credit card size piece of paper or card and keep it in your wallet so that you notice it every time you spend money or take it out of the cash machine.

Read it and notice the feelings you get. Then, in your mind’s eye, let those feelings swell up so that you can almost walk into them.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised how well these simple affirmations for money and wealth attraction work.