Are You Too Smart for Your Own Good?

Are you too smart for your own good? Being intelligent actually has both a good and bad connotation. One can be too smart, or in this case academically, athletically, or socially gifted to a point where they seem to always be a second ahead of everyone else when in their element.

From the moment we are children we will have at least heard someone being referred to as “too smart for their own good” as kids in grade school when their teachers called home either reporting an congratulatory A+ paper or a prank billy made at recess.

Academic Smarts

smartWe’ve all heard of the Child Genius who received major scholarship offers at age 12 and seemed destined for a future career with a Fortune 500 Company or even start one themselves. However, brilliant, these people are generally view by TV, media and society as socially awkward or unaware of latest fashion, entertainment and social media fad. So is it safe to say are you too smart for your own good in one aspect and slightly lesser in another?

Athletic Smarts

Athletic smarts are elusive. A person can be born genetically more equipped to play a sport i.e 7 Foot Person , 300 Pound but naturally quick, 48” Max Vertical

While there are some who seem to be anomalies or gifted but only presumed after the person who studies for hours through books, film and coaching seem ahead only having practiced a skill a million times.

Social Smarts

Bar, clubs and concerts and events are canvased by of the social chameleons.

There are certain people who see the rhythm and flow in social banter and human interaction. They just get IT! and seem to ease through conversations, social crews and entourages with wit and charm

These are the people that know the bartender by name and play golf with the owner at his vacation home.

Sarcasm as Defense Mechanism Or Not?

Being too smart for ones good is expressed through the many ways different age groups subtly refer to each other.

The adults use the word “millennials” and the millennials look for a sarcastic double ended response and any excuse to reach for their phone during a boring conversation.

Sarcasm is in everyone’s toolbox whether they admit it or not.

Not Too Fast Mr!

The biggest negative about intelligence has been those who unwilling impose their schemes on other society.

To get more technical, there are CEOs who have come up with elaborate scams, conning millions of people with false products and advertising. While being a CEO is a aspiration many ambitious people harbor and have spent years at college and graduated with prestigious marks to achieve. These people were viewed as visionaries and hyper aware of trends and changing global interests, however can be view as trickster, or lowly sneaky purse snatchers whose intelligence ended up being used to start companies solely for self benefit and financial advancement.

Get The Last Word?

Some people really do hold a grudge! These types never seem to let anything go.

It never goes uncounted for something whether an active well thought out silent plan to get even or the good ol’ “meet me outside!”

Whenever someone starts a physical fight athletic smarts kicks in and helps protect against random unprovoked altercations.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the most subtle of all.

Understanding moods instantly as well when to speak and be spoken to should see like common sense, but it’s actually hard, i must admit!

Natural empaths try to understand and accept people, while others just distance themselves completely.

They are people who refuse to be around each other at school, work and daily living situation and after an incident decide upon buying something they didn’t have, changing something about their life schedule to avoid being around certain people as well as experiencing repeated uncomfortable situations.

These are observations I’ve made in myself though the years as well as in other people from family life, schooling , playing sports, corporate business world at the very way at which we all respond and react to each other as people whether we think we’re smart or not.