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What Does Body Language Tell Us?

Our body language is the sum of all the subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) signs that we give out all the time. Spies and spooks are trained to not give anything away. Poker players do their level best not to have any “tells”. The list goes on.

Whether we like it or not, there are always these signs going on with us and with everyone we meet.

If you’ve ever had a gut reaction about someone that you couldn’t quite pin down, that’s almost certainly you reading their body language.

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How to Be a Problem Solver in Life

You can become a great problem solver in many areas of your life. Business to personality and can also help relieve stress. When you understand and know how to solve problems confidently, you will immediately feel the weight off your shoulders. Accepting challenges and dealing well with stressful situations will be comfortable with just a few steps. Here are some tips on how to be a problem solver in life.

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Why is Personal and Professional Development Important?

We all deserve to be happy in our own way. The path to happiness begins with ourselves and to achieve it we must work for personal fulfillment. To be satisfied with ourselves there are some areas of life that are fundamental: health, studies, a job according to our vocation and professional training and a good amount of money to have a good quality of life. To many people this may seem like a lot of work, so they wonder: why is personal and professional development important? Here are the best reasons to evolve personally and why it is worth the effort.

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Does Listening to Affirmations in Your Sleep Work?

We all have the right to achieve our goals and to do so no matter what method you choose, as long as you do not harm anyone, of course. Fortunately, in recent years there has been an awareness that we can all achieve our goals through techniques that any of us can apply. Today we have all heard about quantum physics, subliminal audios, metaphysics and the Law of Attraction.

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4 Steps on How to Unlock 100 percent of Your Brain

Did you just watch the movie Lucy? This is an interesting movie where Scarlett Johansson is abducted and forced to carry a huge volume of drugs in her abdomen. Some chemicals start leaking in her abdomen and soon it creates new connections in Lucy’s nervous system. As a result, Lucy begins to use 90% of her brain. This is definitely an interesting story, where a normal person’s brain becomes more powerful and ready to challenge newer problems. This movie is based on the theory that human beings use only 10% of their brain. And, the rest remains idle most of the time. If this theory is true, how would you unlock the total power of your brain’s system? Keep reading to find answers.

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What Are The 5 Critical Success Factors for Personal Development?

‘How can I be my best and live life to its fullest?’ is the question that is more or less constantly on our mind.

Personal development has always been some kind of problem for all of us. We all have the power somewhere in our mind, but a few have a true will to do so. It is a hard path filled with a lot of effort and downfalls, but the last time you stand up will be the moment you see that it was all worth it. So, let’s dive in.

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Do Subliminal Messages Work While You Sleep?

We all deserve to have the life we want and to achieve this any method is valid, as long as it is based on self-respect and respect for others. Since the Law of Attraction to fulfill desires became fashionable, many other techniques began to set trends. In recent years many people are discovering the power of subliminal messages to improve any area of life.

Let us remember that a subliminal message is a message that is transmitted below the limit of human perception. For example, you want to lose weight, so you choose a subliminal audio with that objective. That weight loss message will be “hidden” from a song or any other sound. There are three ideal times to listen to subliminal messages: while you are doing a task, while you are meditating or while you are sleeping. The best option is to listen to subliminal messages while you are sleeping. Many ask themselves: how is this possible? Do subliminal messages work while you sleep?

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List of 9 Self Improvement Ideas

Improving yourself can be a challenge and it may seem an impossible task for some people, but that’s not quite true. There are many things you can do in order to better yourself and have a better lifestyle. The most important stage of your life is the one you realize you have a problem and want to make a change towards the problem. Let’s see some things that may actually help you in the self-improvement challenge.

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Are You Too Smart for Your Own Good?

Are you too smart for your own good? Being intelligent actually has both a good and bad connotation. One can be too smart, or in this case academically, athletically, or socially gifted to a point where they seem to always be a second ahead of everyone else when in their element.

From the moment we are children we will have at least heard someone being referred to as “too smart for their own good” as kids in grade school when their teachers called home either reporting an congratulatory A+ paper or a prank billy made at recess.

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