Building Confidence in Yourself

Our confidence levels are easily dented – we usually take outside comments far too personally. Which means that most of us – even the most outwardly confident people – need help building confidence in ourselves.

Tips for building confidence in yourself

Building confidence in yourself image

Start by figuring out the places where you feel least confident.

Most of us have a nagging voice in the back of our head – tune into that voice and work out what it’s worried about.

Then work on that area!

It really is that simple – once you find the area that you need to build up confidence in.

Working on that area can be as simple as talking your worries through with a trusted friend. So long as you don’t over-do this, most true friends will be happy to help you.

If that’s not an option (maybe the confidence problem is a bit too confidential) then an online chat room may be somewhere that you can get confidential advice that will help to boost your confidence levels.

Another option that’s totally confidential is to use hypnosis.

All you need to do is download a hypnosis track and play it to yourself. No-one else in the world will know that you’re using hypnosis to build up confidence in yourself until they see the positive change it creates.

Another simple trick is to remember that you’re not perfect.

A lot of our confidence problems have their roots in perfectionism.

We’re conditioned to seeing things going perfectly – movies and television shows take weeks or months to produce, just for a handful of minutes on screen.

I remember being interviewed by a local TV news station and they took 30 minutes to film a piece that was on air for less than 60 seconds. And, in television terms, that was fast.

But you’d watch the clip and think that it was done in one “take”.

Which dents our self confidence levels no end because we think that we have to be perfect, just like all those things we see on TV.

Once you get over the idea that you have to be perfect all the time and come round to being happy with things being good enough instead, chances are that you’ll find your confidence levels naturally increasing.

Next, practice being grateful.

Saying “thank you” either out loud or in your head is infectious and works its way up into your confidence levels.

Try it for a week…

Just say “thank you” to anyone who helps you, anywhere.

If they’re not physically present, don’t let that stop you saying thank you.

Say it by return email if that’s appropriate. Or by liking their Facebook post. Or just by saying the words “thank you” out loud (or in your head if it’s not appropriate to say them out loud) each and every time there’s something to be grateful for.

This simple exercise will literally change the way you think.

Just try it!

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