How to Control Negative Thoughts

Most of us have negative thoughts at one time or another. It’s when they become our normal way of thinking that we need to work on ways of how to control negative thoughts.

The law of attraction says that what you think about most, you attract into your life.

So if you’re always imagining the worst case scenario, it stands to reason that is what is most likely to be brought into your life. Not a pleasant thought in itself.

How to Control Negative Thoughts

Control negative thoughts imageStart by recognising the thoughts when they appear. The earlier in the thought gestation process the better but catching them anywhere is better than allowing them to develop too much.

If you’re able to get into the habit of nipping negative thoughts in the bud, that’s fantastic news. It’s the kind of thing that probably won’t happen overnight but the more often you can help it to happen, the more you’ll reduce your negative thoughts and begin to control them rather than allowing them to control you.

Another good way to control negative thoughts is to play with them.

That may sound odd initially but they’re your thoughts and there’s absolutely no reason you have to take them seriously, especially the negative ideas that creep into your mind, often when you’ve been caught off guard.

So flip the thought ideas round.

Go back to being a child in your mind and ask the thought “Why?”

Chances are, it won’t be able to give you an answer or will hedge and try to creep round the edges of an answer.

The more you can do this, the more fun it gets. And the less likely it is that a negative thought will hang around your mind for too long.

Cut down on outside negative thoughts

Stop negative thoughts image

Newspapers, television and radio news are all prime culprits for this.

They thrive on negative news. If you don’t believe me, check a few headlines and you’ll soon come round to the idea.

Sure, if it’s a regular news program rather than the modern rolling news format, there may be a light hearted item as the last piece. But that’s it, everything else is doom, gloom and despondency.

So put down the newspaper. Turn off or change channel on the TV or radio. Cut down your news intake as though it was bad for your health. Because it is!

The negativity in news just seeps in to your mind.

So one easy way to control negative thoughts is to cut out the outside influences for them as much as you can.

And don’t worry about missing something important (you can always tune in for the sports scores anyway). You’ll get told soon enough if it really is important.

Another way to control negative thoughts is with the power of hypnosis. You can use hypnosis to stop unwanted thoughts as simply as listening to an MP3. Try it!