Does Listening to Affirmations in Your Sleep Work?

We all have the right to achieve our goals and to do so no matter what method you choose, as long as you do not harm anyone, of course. Fortunately, in recent years there has been an awareness that we can all achieve our goals through techniques that any of us can apply. Today we have all heard about quantum physics, subliminal audios, metaphysics and the Law of Attraction.

sleepingThere is another method that is also very effective: positive affirmations to reprogram the mind and achieve what we want. The best time to listen to affirmations is while we sleep. Many people are surprised to hear this and wonder: does listening to affirmations in your sleep work? The answer is yes because when we sleep our ego and our critical sense are also asleep, then the affirmations come directly to the subconscious mind, managing to reprogram our belief system. In this way, our mind is programmed to achieve our goals.

Here are some good ideas to make listening to positive affirmations overnight work for you to finally achieve your goals.

1. Be honest with yourself. If listening to affirmations while you are sleeping is too uncomfortable, just don’t do it, you can listen to affirmations at another time. However, you can also try listening to affirmations while you sleep, because it can be a little uncomfortable at first, but then you get used to it.

2. Define exactly what you want. Then choose the affirmations you will listen to while you sleep according to your goals. There must be absolute coherence between your goals and the affirmations you will hear to achieve them. The more specific your goal is, the easier it will be to achieve it.

3. Once you have decided that you are going to listen to affirmations while you sleep, you must prepare your bedroom for that purpose. Your room should be clean and tidy and the light should be off. Of course, do not bring your laptop, tablet or cell phone to bed. You should lie in your bed and fall asleep while listening to the affirmations.

4. A secret to reach your goal: before falling asleep imagine in your mind your objective fulfilled. For example: the house you want to buy, the car you want to drive or your dream job. The minutes before we fall asleep are the most effective to visualize what we want to achieve. This happens because the mind is relaxed and accessible to the incorporation of new ideas, in this case, positive affirmations.

5. Before you fall asleep listening to affirmations, just relax and take a deep breath. Don’t start wondering how long it will take to reach your goal, how you will achieve it, or if you will need someone’s help to achieve your goals. These thoughts create anxiety, so be optimistic and hope for the best.

6. You should hear positive affirmations at a medium volume, not too loud or too soft, so your ears won’t be damaged . The important thing is that you feel comfortable and at ease while listening to them.

7. The statements can be heard with or without headphones. It is believed that listening to them with headphones can penetrate deeper into the subconscious mind. However, if headphones are too uncomfortable for you to sleep, you can choose not to use them, as the affirmations will still work.

Positive affirmations are a great tool to achieve the goals we set. They program our mind only to succeed, leaving no room for failure, doubt or fear. Affirmations are enhanced if they are heard while we sleep because our critical sense does not interfere with the reprogramming of our mind.

The key is to define what we want and then choose the positive statements that best suit our goal. For us to effectively achieve our goals we must listen to the statements every night. Once we reach our goal, we can set new goals and therefore choose new affirmations. As you can see, the key to everything is to be persistent until we get what we want. The task will not be easy, but once you see your objectives manifested in reality, it will be very easy for you to maintain discipline in your next goals.