How to Attract Your Goals

The law of attraction can be used to attract your goals. In fact, truth be known, you are probably inadvertently using it already.

But you’ll get better results with attracting your goals and manifesting them into your life if you actively set about manifesting them.

How can you attract your goals?

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This may sound obvious but the first thing you need to do is to have clear goals.

Take the time out to work out precisely what you want to achieve.

I’ve also found that I’m better when I focus on one (or at most two) goals at any given time. Rather than trying to follow a bucket list of goals along the lines of “101 things…”

Take some time out – about 15 minutes is fine – to clarify the goal that is most important to you.

Then use the power of the law of attraction to attract your goal into your life.

What this means is that you will need to send a positive thought or statement out to the universe. Phrasing this correctly is paramount to attracting your goal into your life.

It’s best to set the goal in the present tense as though you’ve already achieved it.

If that’s too big a leap for your mind, the next best option is to set the goal in the near future. Use a specific date – something like 3 months time – and phrase your goal so that by that date, you’ve achieved it.

You should also allow your goal some flexibility. I like to include the phrase “at least” in the goals I set and strongly recommend that you do that in your goal setting. This allows you to exceed your goals and gives the universe permission to over-deliver.

Try that – you’ll be pleasantly surprised how often it happens!

The next step on attracting your goals is to make sure that you do something (anything!) towards achieving your goal every single day.

What this does is it tells your subconscious mind that you’re actually serious about achieving this goal. It’s not a day dream this time!

Often the best way to do that is to “chunk down” your goals into small, easily achievable. pieces.

So instead of building that giant boat (for instance) with the wave of your hand, you’re doing lots of small steps that don’t seem as daunting as the giant project they’re helping you to achieve.

Another good way to attract your goals is to use computer software to keep you on track.

Computer programs are good at being single minded. They’re written like that.

So they can help to remind you that you need to do something each and every day to better attract your goals. Rather than you relying on your own memory which can easily get distracted.

One of the best pieces of computer software I’ve found to help attract your goals is this one. It’s well programmed and just plain works. Which is the best kind of program.