How To Get Out of a Scarcity Mindset

If you take the time to look around you, you’ll find that scarcity isn’t normal. Nature takes over if we don’t stop it. Natural resources may be limited in theory but rarely in practice as when something gets scarce, the price goes up and more resources are found.

Sure, eventually, we’ll need to get better at recycling or using alternatives but to suggest things are scarce is generally either scaremongering or a way to push sales – we all fall for the “must end soon” pleas of shops. Travel sites have been told off for using false scarcity but seem to manage to work their way round the regulations (allegedly!)

So why does our mind still retreat to a scarcity mindset at the first opportunity and – more importantly – what can you do to turn it round so that it focuses on the abundance that’s everywhere?

abundanceIn some respects, we’re hard wired to think that we can never have enough.

Maybe that’s thousands of years of evolution where our next meal would depend on our skills at hunting or gathering it.

But nowadays our hunting and gathering skills are mainly used to check the “sell by” date or find where our local store has hidden things.

Near enough the only things that are scarce are man made – try buying a Christmas pudding in the middle of the summer and you’re probably out of luck.

Get it into your mind that abundance is normal!

Yes, it’s true.

Even though your mind is frantically trying to prove otherwise.

Abundance is the natural state of the world and it’s the natural state of humans.

But you need to take steps to convince your mind that’s the case.

The easiest way to do this is to consciously look for abundance.

Whether it’s a traffic jam – an abundance of people travelling – or full shelves in a supermarket or near enough anything available almost instantly online.

The more you point out abundance to your mind, the more it will seek it out. That’s the law of attraction doing it’s thing with very little help from you.

Cut out the news

Bad news sells papers and clicks.

That’s what the news has always done – bad news travels further, faster. Especially with modern technology where we can live stream instantly from near enough anywhere in the world at the click of a mouse or the swipe of a screen.

Go cold turkey on the news. If you can easily block websites in your browser, do that to your most common news sources. Which probably includes Facebook and Twitter – they’re as guilty as anyone else. At least with Google and, to a lesser extent YouTube, you control what’s searched for. Especially if you cut out the option of suggestions on the blank “new tab” screen and (of course) don’t search for something to drag you down into negativity.

Hunt out the positives

Positives are there almost all the time.

Even the coronavirus lockdown that’s affecting the world as I write this has upsides – wild animals are roaming and enjoying our towns; smog and air pollution are down; we’ve gone (unintentionally) green with almost no air travel.

There are positives everywhere.

Seek them out and let the law of attraction do its job as it will help you find more examples.

Keep a journal if it helps – a lot of people find that consciously writing things down helps them to concentrate on those items.

Learn to let go

Most of us have things that we haven’t let go.

Whether that’s physical things – all the stuff you haven’t looked at this century but haven’t thrown out yet – or things that are cluttering your mind.

Letting things go from our mind isn’t as easy as throwing physical stuff out but the process is near enough the same:

  • Identify the items
  • Mark them for disposal
  • Throw them in the trash

Marking something in your mind for disposal is actually very easy.

Neuro linguistic programming has a technique called the rewind technique that erases the shortcuts we use in our mind. It’s usually pitched as a phobia cure but actually the process doesn’t care whether it’s a fear or a different memory you want to get rid of.

It’s also quite a fun process and is well worth a try.

If that doesn’t grab your imagination – or if you’d prefer something specifically designed to swap your current scarcity mindset for one that’s filled with abundance, check out this hypnosis download to reprogram your mind for abundance and start getting rid of your scarcity mindset once and for all.