How to Increase Good Luck in Your Life

If you’ve ever met someone who seems to almost always win when they buy a lottery ticket or who finds money in the street, you’ll know that there’s a bit more to being lucky than just luck.

Being lucky is a state of mind.

If you believe that you’re lucky, there’s a lot more chance that will actually happen than if you don’t.

So how can you turn your luck around so that you increase the good luck that happens in your life?

Start by believing you’re lucky

be luckierSo much of what we do is influenced by our belief structure.

And that includes being lucky.

So instead of saying to yourself that you’re never lucky, switch that round and tell yourself that you’re always lucky. Or – if that’s too much of a stretch to start with – that you’re luckier than average or that you are regularly a lucky person.

That simple change in outlook could be all that you need to increase the amount of times lady luck favours you because our minds are really powerful things.

Lift your mood

Our mood influences everything we do.

If you’re wandering round looking gloomy, staring at the ground and maybe even have your own personal thunderstorm tracking you, it’s time to change.

Lift your head up – it’s really difficult to be gloomy when you’re looking upwards. If you don’t believe me, try it. Look up and try to be gloomy. It’s almost a physical impossibility. It’s also the reason fast food restaurants put their menus up above head height – they paid a lot of money to be told to do that but you can be happier and luckier just by lifting your head.

Keep away from negatives as much as possible

Negatives get everywhere.

If you’ve got friends who are always harping on about how bad things are, cut the amount of time you spend with them.

If you’re always checking the news app on your phone, delete the app. Trust me, you can’t influence the news – it’s already happened – and most times you can’t do anything apart from react to it. Usually negatively. And negative reactions dampen our ability to attract luckiness into our lives because they’re the polar opposite.

Try it. Give up the news for a while. How long “a while” is depends on how addicted you currently are. So it could be an hour or a few hours or a day. Build up until you can go without the news for a week. Then a month. Then longer. If anything really important happens, you’ll find out. But until then, don’t give it chance to affect you.

Tip the odds in your favour

To be honest, luck is often a matter of trying more things.

That doesn’t mean going out and buying tens or hundreds of lottery tickets.

But it does mean being open to trying more things in your life and believing they’re going to work out for you.

Be clear about the outcomes you want – the clearer you are, the more likely you are to focus on making them happen and the more likely they are to happen. Amazingly, it really can be as simple as that for at least some of the things we do.

Embrace opportunities

Say “yes” more often than you say “no”.

Sure, there are times when you should say no to things but you probably already know to avoid those things most of the time anyway.

By saying “yes” more often, you’ll increase the chance of good and lucky things happening. Just because you’ve given yourself the chance for that outcome to happen.

Treat others kindly

They say that we get back what we give out.

Some schools of thought suggest that we get it back ten-fold (that’s why tithing is often suggested to be 10% of your income) and you’ve doubtless seen instances of both good and bad karma where people who treat others kindly have more than their share of good luck in return.

Even simple things like smiling, saying please and thankyou and just generally being polite can make a difference and you can change your outlook almost instantly.

Train your subconscious mind to seek out luck

Our subconscious mind controls almost everything we do.

You don’t tell your heart to pump blood around your body – that’s a task that’s too important to be left to our conscious mind. We’d forget to do it or get distracted. But our subconscious makes sure it happens.

The same way it does for almost everything our body does.

Listening to a subliminal luck track can do the same for how your subconscious treats how lucky you are. You won’t outwardly notice any difference until lucky things just “happen” to you more often. It’s easy and fun and has a nice outcome.