How to Reawaken Your Zest for Life

Life never fulfills our desires but always our beliefs and our expectations, so we can conclude that it is us who determines what we live. But unfortunately, we mostly do this unconsciously. We all have desires, and so many wonder what it is that determines who wants to come true and who doesn’t.

If you are often dissatisfied and do not know what you want in your life, it is high time you started working on yourself. Otherwise, life will come out of your eyes, one day you will open your eyes and you will realize that you have come to the end of the ‘game’ that you have never actually played. Don’t let that happen!

How to reawaken your zest for life:

Discover the reasons for low motivation

zest for lifeThe first step in raising your energy to a higher level is finding the cause. Low motivation can come as a result of physical fatigue – poor nutrition or insufficient sleep. You may also be scared of the results of something you have to do, such as handing over a particular project and therefore delaying it. Poor motivation can also occur if you have a problem with low confidence and do not want to leave your safe zone.

If the reason is physical – take care of your body

Are you tired? Get some sleep. Feeling bad? Exercise or go for a walk for half an hour. Sometimes you just have to get away from work and breathe some fresh air. Also, think about what you eat. Low energy can indicate a lack of nutrients in your body. You may not have recovered from the recent cold and its effects may still be present.

If you have a problem with confidence – understand why

Low self-esteem comes as a result of your thoughts that you are not good enough, that you are incapable of doing something, and that others are always better than you. It is time to stop thinking this way because it not only badly affects your motivation but also becomes part of your belief system. What good can these beliefs bring you? Think of a sentence that will always motivate you when needed, such as “I believe in myself!”.

Find the little things that motivate you

When a bad day comes, start fixing it with little things. Treat yourself to your favorite coffee or cake, plan to watch a good movie or see your friends after work. Look forward to a warm bath and a comfortable bed waiting for you. Get as much pleasure as you can to boost your motivation as quickly as possible while leaving all of your obligations like paying your bills, going to the store or washing your car for another day.

There is a solution to every problem

It may not be the solution you were hoping for, but it is important that it works. How to come up with a solution is the hard part and depends on the problem itself. Knowing that there is a solution for everyone seems to be facilitating.

Problems make us feel trapped and helpless. However, we just need to spend some time thinking about what we need to do. Laziness is a miserable excuse for giving up.

You are able to have control over your life

Life is the way you look at it. All your experiences, everything you do and everything you see makes the sense you give it. More importantly, accept that there are things in life that do not make sense and do not deserve your attention. Having control over your life is not easy, but with effort it is achievable.

Each of us has a purpose

The thing is, we need to recognize that in ourselves. All we have to do is give ourselves time to understand that what we believe in reflects on our lives. Change is what makes life. What we want to change and the way we do it shapes our lives and our personality.

Life, on the one hand, is like a science that requires absolute attention and dedication, while on the other it is the simplest game that only requires us to surrender to its harmlessness. But since the latter is extremely difficult for the human mind, it remains for us to at least make an effort to learn and understand the basic principles by which life works.

Do not give yourself stale habits and false values instilled in you, resist fears and establish yourself in freedom. This is the only way to be truly alive