Ideas for Self Improvement: 5 Ways to Become a Better Person

At the beginning of the year, everybody talks about new years resolutions. It’s widely published that some of the more common New Year’s resolutions are losing weight, getting out of debt and giving more. Here are some suggestions to do each of these in a little more detail.


self improvementAfter all, it is safe to say that knowledge is power. As human beings we should be lifelong learners. It should never stop. I’ve actually heard somebody say that the day you stop learning is the day you die. So what should I read? My personal take is you should read self improvement books and also some type of fiction that you enjoy. By reading you can learn a lot of life lessons from other people’s stories. Then once you have acquired the knowledge of what you read then you can figure out a way to apply it toward your own life.


More than likely, someone taught you that it is better to give than to receive. People who don’t give may not always realize this but giving actually feels better than receiving. Not sure how to do it? Chances are there are an abundance of ways you can do it in your community depending on where you live. Pretty much anywhere you can volunteer at a soup kitchen or if you belong to a church, chances are there are probably mission trips you can go on. When you go places like that it can make you a much more humble person.


As we go through this life we all want to be better and to have more. One of the best ways to help other people do that is through inspiration. There are tons of ways you can do that. If you have a compelling story to tell you can always tell it on social media, or it’s tied to something specific you can always volunteer to speak at a group which is tied to the story that you possess. If your out of ideas you can always tell it through social media.

Set goals

If you have goals for yourself you are much more likely to have a purpose in life. My personal belief is that everybody needs to find a balance between relaxing and also spending a considerable amount of time doing activities that help achieve your goal, whatever it is. For example, if your trying to get out of debt than going on expensive vacations or fancy restaurants is something you should probably stay away from.

Try to leave the world a better place

More than likely as a child you were probably taught some version of you should leave things in the same shape or better than what you left them in. So why shouldn’t we do that for the next generation of people that are on this earth. Now just to be a clear by a better place I don’t just mean just the environment. I also mean the quality of people that are on this planet and chances are you have a good shot at doing that if you do the four things I mentioned above and take your self improvement to the next level.