What Are The Characteristics of a Millionaire Mindset?

The rich create their own lives:

Rich people create their own lives. Rich people believe in the following idea: “I create my own life.” Poor-minded people believe in the following idea: “In my life, things happen.”

The rich get into the money game to win

Rich people play the game of money to win. Poor-minded people play the money game so as not to lose.

Rich-minded people create companies, launch products, invest in stocks, slap the face. They take risks and therefore obtain a proportional return.

become richMeanwhile, anyone with a poor or middle-class mentality plays to not lose. Invest in savings, because it is “safe”. He stays in the same job for years, afraid to try something better and “lose everything”. And so they remain slaves to their own work for the rest of their lives.

The rich are committed to being rich

Rich people are committed to being rich. Poor-minded people would like to be rich.

To be rich, you need to commit to that defined main goal. Commitment means cutting out all other possibilities and doing what you set as a goal. No lame excuses.

Poor-minded people just say that they “would like” to be rich, but in reality they do practically nothing to accomplish that goal. Thus, they remain poor.

The rich think big

Rich people think big. Poor-minded people think small.

Thinking big means wanting to make money on a large scale. When you aim at the sky, at least hit the stars. Setting bold goals not only provides a greater financial return, but also gives you more enthusiasm when it comes to meeting them.

On the other hand, to think small is to think only of keeping your job. Or move up the ranks of the firm, instead of wanting to own the company.

The rich focus on opportunities

Rich people focus on opportunities. Poor-minded people focus on obstacles.

Each item we encounter in life has a positive and a negative aspect to it. What differentiates the rich from the poor at this point is that the former focus on opportunities. Meanwhile, poor-minded people focus only on obstacles, continually putting themselves in the role of victims.

Most importantly: rich admires rich!

Rich people admire other wealthy and successful individuals. Poor-minded people resent those who are rich and successful.

This is perhaps the most important secret of the millionaire mind.

From a young age, we are programmed to see rich people as villains. In books, soap operas, films and comics, the rich are usually people of bad character, who overcame others to earn their fortune.

If in our mind being rich is synonymous with being bad, we are unlikely to strive to become something we despise. Nobody wants to be the villain of the story. Notice how even today any employee fills his mouth to say “I am a worker”, implicitly saying that being the capitalist is the wrong side of the story.

In real life, however, you can see that there are good and bad rich people, just as there are good and bad poor people. Money only enhances a person’s character. Both among the rich and the poor, most people are good. If not, how could a rich man get so many people to trust his investments in his ideas? How would you get so many people to work for him? And what can you do to change your mindset to become richer?!